Brave FacesThe Shingletown Medical Center (SMC) has on display in their lobby beautiful photo images from “The Brave Faces Portrait Gallery” which were previously on display at the Redding Library. This was made possible through the association of Kelly Bullan, SMC Case Manager and Marc Dadigan, Community Education Specialist Shasta County Health & Human Services. “The photos are inspiring and tell stories of hope and healing,” stated Kelly Bullan. “We feel proud and privileged to display these stunning images for our patients to view.”

The Brave Faces Portrait Gallery uses photography and text to share the inspiring stories of local Shasta County residents who’ve experienced mental health challenges, ranging from PTSD to Schizoaffective Disorder, and found healing through medication, therapy, prayer and many other supports. The gallery is part of the Stand Against Stigma campaign’s effort to reduce shame and stigma associated with mental illness and suicide and to encourage people to seek help when they’re struggling. More than half of Americans will suffer a diagnosable mental health issue over the course of their lives, but only about 20 percent actually seek treatment. Stigma and the fear of being judged or discriminated against is one of the biggest barriers to seeking help.

For more information, visit Brave Faces is a project by the Community Education Committee and Shasta County Health and Human Services Agency, and funding for the project has been provided by the Shasta County Mental Health Services Act.