Covered California

Open Enrollment is the ONE TIME during the year when most Californians who need insurance cannot be denied by a health plan and when millions can get subsidized health insurance for the upcoming year.

(Individuals who have limited income may enroll in Medi-Cal year-round.)

Covered California is a part of the state of California and was created to help you get health coverage to protect yourself and your loved ones. Having insurance can ensure your access to medical care if you get sick or are injured, so that you can keep your body healthy, but it also protects your peace of mind, because you can rest assured that you will have help when you need it most.

Are You Covered?…………………. It’s That Time of Year!!
Open enrollment for Covered California health insurance plans happens once a year. Open enrollment for 2016 coverage begins Nov. 1, 2015, and continues through Jan. 31, 2016.

Covered California™ is an easy-to-use marketplace implementing the federal Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act in California. Through Covered California, you and your family can compare affordable, quality health insurance options and choose the one that best fits your needs and budget. By law, your coverage can’t be dropped or denied if you have a pre-existing medical condition or if you get sick. You may even be able to get financial assistance through Covered California to make your health coverage more affordable.

You Aren’t Alone………We Can Help You!
The Shingletown Medical Center has three Outreach and Enrollment staff who are qualified to help with insurance eligibility and enrollment with the Covered CA insurance plans and/or Medi-Cal. Call for an appointment or stop on by the Shingletown Area Resource Center (SARC) located at 31268 Hwy 44, Suite C, next door to the Post Office, where Robert and Dorina Potter are there to help you. Please don’t hesitate to call the SARC office to discuss your individual needs (530) 474-1350.

If you’re in the clinic, ask to speak to Sarah, billing clerk, to setup an appointment or help answer any insurance eligibility or enrollment question.