Healthy FoodThe Shingletown Medical Center (SMC) is pleased to announce their next upcoming free-to-the-public “Quality Improvement Peer-led Self-Management Program.

The “Mind, Body and Whole Foods” course will be offered every Friday from 1:00pm – 2:00pm for four (4) weeks beginning on October 14th and ending on November 4th. This class will be held at the Shingletown Volunteer Fire Department at 31990 Hwy 44, in the Van Stellman Center. The course will be instructed by Nutritional Therapy Practitioner, Anita Eisenman, NTP and Kelly Bullan, SMC Case Manager. This four (4) week course will provide educational tools on ways to help achieve a better understanding of how and what your body needs to fulfill a healthy and balanced lifestyle.

Information will be provided on “whole and seasonal foods”, simple ways to better understand your digestion system and how they work in conjunction. Tips, recipes and meal preparation on how to cook delicious whole food items along with identifying a “Healthy Plate” will be provided.

Other instructional topics that will be covered:

Eat Well: An overview of how to improve energy, boost metabolism and prepare quick, easy and tasty healthy snacks. Our discussion will entail on how to stay healthy through the holidays, prepare broths and soups that are ideal for the holiday season, along with freezer and dinner ideas for families’ on-the-go and check lists for food items that should or should not reside in your cupboards or pantries. Also, which fats are better not heated, the benefits of healthy fats and why low fat high carbohydrates are not an effective way to maintain a healthy weight or lifestyle.

Move Daily: The benefits of Yoga, walking to help aid in stress reduction and daily exercise will be discussed. There will also be instructional information on strengthening muscles and oxygen levels required for normal brain function.

Sleep Well: Discussion on various ways to achieve a restful night’s sleep, along with ways to improve digestion, and how exercise will help with insulin resistance and ultimately pave the way to improve sleep patterns.

Hydrate Your Body: The importance of daily hydration and the effects of dehydration and daytime fatigue will be illustrated and discussed. How water plays an important role for health, growth and development and how it cushions and lubricates the brain and joints, and carries waste away from the body cells. Discussions will show techniques to increase your daily water intake.