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During the month of February the Shingletown Medical Center shared information regarding ways to improve your health and more specifically your heart health. Heart disease in women requires more attention, more research and swifter action. That’s why, from hitting the books to taking it to the Hill, Go Red for Women provides many opportunities for women everywhere to learn the facts about heart disease.

Take Charge of Your Health with a Well-Woman Visit
One of the best weapons against cardiovascular disease is to get to it before it gets to you. Early detection can
make all the difference in a successful battle against the No. 1 killer of women. The Shingletown Medical Center along with Go Red For Women, are encouraging all women to schedule a Well-Woman Visit. It’s a check-up that gives your doctor the chance to review your overall health, including the key elements of ideal cardiovascular health.

The Well-Woman Visit is a great opportunity for women and their doctors to know if they are on track to achieving ideal cardiovascular health as part of their full health story. As the old saying goes, “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.”

What exactly is the Well-Woman Visit? It’s an annual physical and discussion about your health that all women
should get to help identify serious health concerns before they become life threatening – such as heart disease and stroke. Your Well-Woman visit will be tailored to your age, family history, past health history, and need for preventive screenings. Some services – such as checking your blood pressure, height, weight, and temperature – will be provided as needed, based on your medical and family history. (For example, if you had your cholesterol and blood sugar levels checked last year and they were normal, you likely will not need to have these screening tests done every year.) The exam will also screen for other health problems that are unique to women including mammograms for breast cancer, pap smears for cervical cancer, prenatal care, bone-mass measurements for osteoporosis; plus “gender-neutral” screenings and services such as colon cancer screening, obesity screening and counseling, and shots to prevent flu, tetanus, and pneumonia.

But since heart disease is the No. 1 killer of women, and kills more women than all forms of cancer combined, the Well-Woman Visit should have a special emphasis on detecting the early signs of heart disease. The American Heart Association estimates that 80% of all cardiovascular disease may be preventable, and it’s always better to prevent it than treat it after it becomes life threatening. You can expect your Well-Woman Visit to include tests such as cholesterol screening, body mass index, blood pressure, and other evaluations specifically designed to help assess your heart health. It’s a great way to help lower your risk of heart attack or stroke, and give you an added boost for your peace of mind.

Why is the Well-Woman Visit something you should schedule every year? There are lots of good reasons. If you go several years between physical exams, you run the risk of a health problem going undetected and causing your body far more damage than if you catch it early. Annual physical exams also strengthen the relationship between you and your regular physician, helping your doctor be better informed on what’s going on with your health and in your personal life.

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Shingletown Medical Center Board Members and Staff wish you a “Healthy” and “Happy” Heart!