Welcome to Shingletown Medical Center

For over 30 years, Shingletown Medical Center, has worked diligently to provide medical services to Shasta County’s eastern mountain community. Access to medical care is the motivating factor behind everything we do and we believe that everyone has the right to quality, affordable medical care, regardless of their income.

Our Mission

Shingletown Medical Center is committed to providing quality primary and preventive care, behavioral health care, and community outreach services to the residents and visitors of the greater Shingletown area.Shingletown Medical Center

Our Values

In order to provide the highest quality healthcare to the community that Shingletown Medical Center serves it has established universal values by which to guide its activities. Shingletown Medical Center promises to hold these guidelines close and to guard and apply them in every aspect of its interaction with the community, its patients and with each other.

Shingletown Medical Center considers as its greatest priority the delivery of compassionate and caring health services to everyone who comes to the clinic, and is committed to promoting and protecting the overall health and wellbeing of the entire community.

Shingletown Medical Center is committed to promoting a positive, respectful attitude with patients, business associates and with each other.

Shingletown Medical Center will be honest and forthright in decisions and actions with the goal of honoring and fulfilling the mission of the organization while protecting patient confidentiality.

Shingletown Medical Center will be diligent in continuing to learn new, better and more efficient ways to care for patients and to excel in all areas of performance, including healthcare, fiscal management, operations and governance.